Smart Destinations in the land of Venice

The project ‘Smart Destinations in the Land of Venice’ aims to support tourism operators in Veneto Region (Italy) by adding value through the provision of better targeted information to tourists. This information will enhance the tourist experience and can increase revenues to the operators.

Deepware is part of the Smartland Consortium, a network entrusted with creating value and guaranteeing the sustainability of tourism, culture and the environment in the Region.

DeepTourism (Deepware’s contribution to the project) employs Machine-Learning based software to create a Recommendation System which can be integrated into external platforms for tourist reservations.

DeepTourism identifies users’ interests from navigation data on the host platform together with user data retrieved from social profiles to suggest personalized content, including recommendations on accommodation. The integration of this functionality within an e-tourism platform creates added value both for tourists and for sellers of holiday packages. While visitors will receive useful and personalized information to help them organize their trip as well as their stay, sellers, by offering an experience as pleasant and complete as possible, will be able to improve their sales.

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