Introducing AI-SafeDrive:
The Ultimate All-in-One Solution for ADAS Systems, designed for N1 and N2/N3 category vehicles

This all-in-one solution offers advanced safety features, compliance with EU regulations, and seamless integration for OEMs. AI-SafeDrive provides a comprehensive suite of advanced features that ensure a safer driving experience.

Product Features

Technical Features

AI-SafeDrive utilizes 4G LTE connectivity, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between the vehicle and the cloud and FOTA.

AI-SafeDrive incorporates a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), a specialized hardware component designed for accelerated artificial intelligence computations. The NPU enhances the processing power of the system, allowing for efficient and fast execution of AI algorithms, resulting in quick and accurate decision-making capabilities.

The integration of GNSS technology (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and EGNOS) in AI-SafeDrive enables precise positioning and navigation. With our localization algorithms, the system can accurately determine the vehicle's location, calculate distances, and provide real-time updates on speed, direction, and estimated arrival times. This ensures accurate mapping and optimal driving assistance.

AI-SafeDrive is equipped with a CAN Bus interface, a robust communication protocol widely used in the automotive industry for an easy vehicle integration.

Why Choose AI-SafeDrive?